10 Great Ways to Cook This Summer

ive like people did when they worked the land for fresh foods and cook at home! Cooking might not be exciting; it can even feel like a chore. However, here are 10 ideas for seasonal, fun, and delicious cooking.

1. Beat the Heat by Eating Raw

Baking, boiling, and sautéing not only demand heat but expel plenty of warmth throughout your kitchen. Stay cool indoors by eating foods that can be consumed raw. Many grains, fruits, veggies, and herbs are used in raw recipes that taste so fresh and delicious it might feel like cheating.

2. Eat Plenty of Citrus

Citrus is a major flavor of summer. A squeeze of lime on some juicy chicken, some lemon juice on a summer salad, and some orange slices to finish off a mild dessert will improve your health and scream summer.

3. Work Berries into Your Desserts

Red, white, and blue pies are not the only things you can do with berries! Blueberries, raspberries, and other sweet-and-juicy fruit can be used in granola parfaits, scones, and other sweets.

4. Barbecue Everything!

When you host a BBQ in Torrance, CA, you will wow your friends and family with more than sausage or kebabs. Try grilling fish, scallops, pineapples, peaches, cornbread, and so much more on a state-of-the-art barbecue pit. Just about everything can be improved with some extra heat and beautiful grill marks.

5. Experiment with Spiciness

Peppers of all kinds happen to be in season. The ghost and Carolina varieties are highly popular this year. They not only add exciting heat to meals but also add moisture and unique flavors that cannot be replicated. Try using them on meats or fish for a more delicate effect.

6. Love Olive Oil

Olive oil improves everything! A good variety of olive oil can make salads, seafood, and even breads more moist, crisp, and delicious. Like salt, olive oil should be by your side no matter what you are cooking this summer.

7. Make Salads Fun

Salads do not have to contain iceberg lettuce or croutons! Experiment with fruit, beet-and-carrot, bibb, or seafood salads for exciting, healthy, and fresh meals that are perfect for outdoor eating!

8. Blend What You Can

It may be too hot out for soups and stews, but that does not mean that you can’t drink your meals! Make smoothies and cleansing juices for quick, healthy, and portable meals.

9. Eat Simply

This summer, take advantage of fresh zucchini from a farmer’s market; eat delicious mushrooms with nothing but salt, pepper, and olive oil; and work wonders with a simple and ripe tomato. Nature provides so many beautiful flavors; all many of them need is a little heat and some salt.

10. Enjoy No-Bake Desserts

Try making flourless, gluten-free cakes or puddings with ingredients like granola, cocoa powder, yogurt, and honey. These foods do not need to be baked! Simply mix them together, let them chill, and then joyously eat some incredible, easy-to-make desserts you can proudly say you cooked on your own.

This summer, break the routine of eating out or making your typical, year-round staples. Try new recipes, learn how to cook with new ingredients, and invest in the right tools for the best culinary experiences, like a great outdoor grill for a chef-quality BBQ in Torrance, CA.